🥑 A mobile app to empower your cooking creativity and meal planification
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A project born during pandemic lockdown

It was during first pandemic lockdown around March when me, Jordi and Raquel started talking about trying to bootstrap something while at home.

We all like food and eating very much so we decided to start thinking about something food-related, and we came up with 🥑 bocado

Meal planning

Customizable dynamically generated meal plans based on your user preferences. Save time and discover new recipes that will help you leverage both health and pleasure.

Your own recipe book

Easily create your own recipe book both from your laptor or your mobile.

We believe media as a main tool for describing recipes therefor we use AI to guess recipes metadata powered by 🤖 nyora.

Learn & discover

Discover recipes, food tips and tricks from both people around you and food influencers with 🤳🏻 Tips

🤳🏻 Tips are small (or large), with text (or just videos or photos) portions of content that will enlight your cooking world