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Manel Escuer


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Hi everyone! I'm Manel and I'm glad to introduce my new personal site!

I had a spanish blog a long time ago but as many, it fell into oblivion, at that time I was used to write mainly about web development using PHP/MySQL and online passive income strategies I used to share with my fellow spanish readers.

This time it won't be that different, but with some improvements, let me share them with you.

  • Written in english: As I want to improve my written skills in English I've decided to write this one only in english. Of course, I'll make toons of misspellings so please feel free to correct me any time.
  • Tech stack update: Nowadays I'm fully working with Javascript both in front and backend, so I'll most probably will be sharing development tutorials, tricks and tips about NodeJS and Javascript, with special focus on React.
  • Passive income: That doesn't change. I'll keep digging on finding the best strategies to generate passive income via online projects.

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