Young Manel playing football
Young Manel playing computer games


The two things that I liked to do the most as a child were playing football, I played for several teams until 16yo because of an injury but I still love playing from time to time.

The other one are computers, since a very child I've been passionate about computers, software and technology in general. Ah, I also played a lot of video games 😅

First steps towards web

I still do remember myself toying with Frontpage 98 with 10yo playing with tables to create layouts and going crazy trying to align images. At that time it was more like a kind of "painting" and having fun rather than developing, but it created the needed curiosity to keep digging.

Some years after I started playing Counter-Strike (a lot) and it was then when I really started to learn programming, some design ideas and how a website was made from the inside, whithout a proper website, your clan wasn't going to be popular ðŸĪŠ.

Without even knowing it, those years gave me a direction for my career.

Windows FrontPage CD Rom
Counter-Strike game initial screen


Sr. Frontend developer

wefox May 1, 2020 - Present

Biggest insurtech company in Europe. In the customer care team I'm in charge of the maintenance and development of new features in the customer care app.

Sr. Frontend developer

Tappx Aug 1, 2019 - Apr 30, 2020

An adtech programmatic platform for desktop, mobile & ott/ctv and 2nd fastest growing advertising company.

Fullstack developer

Apartum Sep 1, 2015 - Aug 1, 2016

Sr. Frontend developer

Apartum Jul 1, 2019 - Sep 1, 2016

Young fast growing startup focused on holiday rental price comparison. Think of it like the Trivag for holiday apartments.


Freelance Sep 1, 2011 - Aug 1, 2015

Specialized in fast custom Wordpress sites with strong focus on SEO for both clients and personal projects.


Butonet Oct 1, 2011 - Nov 1, 2013

Co-founded a custom button ecommerce along with my good friend Xavi. Went from 0 to 10k turnover in 6 months with 0 marketing.

PHP Developer

Magtude Jan 1, 2011 - Aug 1, 2013

In charge of developing websites for the agency clients. Strict follow of design guidelines and good practices.

PHP Developer

Quality-Courses Mar 1, 2009 - Dec 1, 2010

A language courses online company that used SEO at that time as it's main selling channel. My main duty was to create and maintained all the sites from the company.
Butonet image machines
Butonet image client Nocilla


Co-founded an ecommerce with my good friend Xavi on 2011, we ourselves manufactured the buttons with a couple of machines we bought.

We created a custom ecommerce site from scratch with PHP/MySQL that allowed us to customize price on our own, I even created an online custom designer with jQuery 😇.

Learned a toon of SEO and we managed to create a 10k monthly turnover within six months and 0 spent on marketing.

I still dream on creating a company from scratch.